Metalabel x Trust: CHORUS

CHORUS is a Discord bot that puts a community in direct control of what it tweets. This release is presented in collaboration with Trust, a network of utopian conspirators researching and building interdependent infrastructures for composing common worlds.

Introducing CHORUS

Metalabel is publicly releasing code for a tool called CHORUS, a bot that allows for collective tweeting via Discord for collectives. Chorus was initially built for internal use with Metalabel’s community after being inspired by a similar tool built by our friends at Trust.

As more collaborative communities move to Discord, CHORUS is a way for a group of individuals to tweet directly from a shared account. We are making CHORUS open source and free for any community to use.

Tweets sent by members in Metalabel’s private #chorus Discord channel

How it Works

The CHORUS bot allows any message in a specified channel to be upvoted and posted automatically to any connected Twitter account. Any comment in your community’s Discord can automatically be tweeted from a group Twitter account if it gets a minimum number of emoji votes.

  1. Create a Discord bot
  2. Connect a Twitter account
  3. Collect the ID of the Discord channel(s) you want your community to Tweet from.
  4. Choose an emoji to use as your voting mechanism via message reactions.
  5. Specify the minimum number of emoji reactions needed for your bot to automatically post a message to Twitter.

This allows for tens or even hundreds of members to tweet from the same account in one unified voice.

Installing CHORUS

There are two options for setting up an instance of CHORUS for your community.

Option 1: One-click deployment on Autocode

  1. Create an account on
  2. Visit the CHORUS app page and press the INSTALL button
  3. Connect Discord and Twitter resources
  4. Provide configuration values to customize the bot

View on Autocode

Option 2: Additionally, we are making code available on GitHub that will allow a one-click deployment to Heroku.

View on GitHub

The code base for this application is open and free for any community to use. The open-source code base and documentation can be found here. It is licensed under MIT, allowing the code to be used for any purpose. We expect and encourage other communities to fork, improve, or build upon this contribution.

Communities adopting CHORUS include:

  • RADAR: A decentralized trend forecasting network
  • Forefront Labs: A product lab building tools for online communities
  • Songcamp: An experimental songwriting collective
  • Voyager: A metalabel collective for art, music and culture
  • Dinner DAO: A global web3 dinner club

Metalabel x Trust

In November of 2021, Metalabel was introduced for the first time on a Sandbox call hosted within Trust’s members-only Discord. As a digital space of creative practitioners working to build interdependent infrastructure for cultural world building, Trust was a natural venue and audience to publicly explore the metalabel structure together for the very first time.

Metalabel and Trust are both working towards the research and development of open tools and shared infrastructure for organizing interdependent collectives. We believe that new tooling is needed to reflect a new paradigm of collaborative online creation: collective identities, collective authorship, collective social communications formats, collective play and more.

Metalabel's purpose is to enable "creativity in multiplayer mode." Working together, and giving attribution to the work of groups like Trust is important for acknowledging a chain of reciprocity and influence.

In April 2022, Trust launched Bubble, a bot relaying Discord posts that reach a threshold of emojis to Twitter.

Bubble is maintained by Container Technology and has been funded via Cygnet, a consensus building tool for communities created by Black Swan. Bubble is part of a project researching and developing infrastructures for translocal organizing, and is supported by 221A.

CHORUS was inspired by this emerging corpus of work. In the future we see the two projects potentially collaborating further towards resources and technologies for shared solutions.

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